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An exceptional exhibition with both former and contemporary tennis stars

The first year of the tennis show took part in 2008. The exhibition has captured the attention of the spectators and sponsors, and therefore, it is now in its eighth year. Due to this exhibition, Bratislava has already attracted the world and Slovak tennis stars, the current winners of the Grandslam tournaments as well as the most popular legends, still attracting the crowds.

They continued the tradition

The tradition of the tennis shows was continued in the mid-90s by the former player and the successful coach Jan Kukal who had attracted Boris Becker, Steffi Graf, Martina Navratilova and Mary Piece. In 2008, the agency BD and its director Roman Smotlak also took an opportunity to bring Peter Sampras to Bratislava. „The contemporary show started for a simple reason: there was the hole in the market. With Pete Sampras, it was a lucky chance. It was not easy to organize as our partners could not believe that he would really come. The show was really popular and well-acclaimed so we started to work out a long-term concept and to organize a long term project,“ the PR manager of the show, Jan Kakascik, recollects.

More projects

At that time, the BD Agency had already been organizing the clay-court tennis tournaments  ATP challenger trophy in Trnava or the winners declaration of the best sportsman survey. Currently, the company is organizing series of golf matches Business Golf Tour and recently, it has also started the project supporting the promising young sportsmans STARS for STARS.

Plans and reality

You can have some ideas about organizing the tennis exhibition, but the requirements of the stars might be incredible. In 2012 in South America, Roger Federer got paid 12 million dollars for 6 exhibitions. „Federer is our dream. His price will fall when he goes down in ATP rankings or finishes his sports career. Then he would come and play with the acceptable requirements. For instance, in 2015, it might be the subject for discussion,“ Šmotlák explains. The Spaniard Raphael Nadal is on the similar price level. Among women, the Russian Maria Sharapova and American sisters Williams are the greatest financial challenge.   

The modest stars

Tennis players have their requirements and terms defined in contracts. But most usually, it is only their common standard. „We have arranged a private airplane for Pete Sampras. He was the world’s number one tennis player so he was used to the top quality services. We had an airplane from the marketing partner,“  Smotlak says. “His show with Dominik Hrbaty was more serious but it was the top quality. He was fit and comfortable, no scandals. It’s wonderful that many top-stars are such great and pleasant people not arrogant show-offs. They were the people of meekness and humility. The more brilliant sportsman, the more humble he is. Sampras, as an American, was the most surprising,“ the boss of the BD Agency recollects.

Djokovic shocked at apartment

Novak Djokovic arrived in 2012 by the private airplane. „World top stars have their own airplanes and other stars standardly fly business class. After checking in the hotel Kempinsky, where he was accommodated, Novak told us that he could not have an apartment with such a wonderful view even in Monte Carlo,“ the organizer describes his experience with the pleasant and laidback Serbian Djokovic.

„The Danish play Caroline Wozniacki was also pleasant, laid-back and natural. When she came to Bratislava, she was the world top player, but she just did not behave that way. When you are on the top for some time, it is so much different feeling from becoming the top star overnight, the way it happened to Caroline. She has got Polish character traits,“ the organizer describes the Danish player with Polish parents.

„Every year of Tennis Champions was special. Including the years, when the most elegant tennis players, such as Henri Leconte and Mansour Bahrami, played,“ the organizer adds.


Schett surprised Mats Wilander, Noah sang with fans

Schett surprised Mats Wilander, Noah sang with fans

Eight edition of exceptional Tennis Champions exhibition in National Tennis Centre in Bratislava (December 1st) hosted seven stars – past champions and present players. Mats Wilander, Yannick Noah, Mansour Bahrami, Pat Cash, Petra Kvitova and Anna Karolina Schmiedlova together with very nice surprise of the evening Barbara Schett made unforgettable show.
Tennis Champions 2015: Wilander, Noah, Cash, Bahrami, Schmiedlova and Kvitova all in Bratislava!

Tennis Champions 2015: Wilander, Noah, Cash, Bahrami, Schmiedlova and Kvitova all in Bratislava!

Yannick Noah, Mats Wilander, Pat Cash, Mansour Bahrami, Anna Karolina Schmiedlova and Petra Kvitova. Names of six former and current tennis stars that will feature at the 8th Tennis Champions Exhibition. Event will take place on 1st December at 18:00 in National Tennis Centre in Bratislava. Tickets are sold through www.predpredaj.sk.

Stars of Tennis Champions

Ninth edition of exceptional Tennis Champions exhibition in National Tennis Centre in Bratislava hosted six stars – past champions and present players. Dominika Cibulkova, Belinda Bencic, Radek Stepanek, Dominik Hrbaty, Yannick Noah & Mansour Bahrami made unforgettable show.